The Lotus Sex Position

A Sexual Fantasy That Can Give You Extreme Orgasms

Lotus Sex Position: A very intimate sex position which calls for intimacy and communication between partners. And, by the way, intimacy is something which is s very important s amongst everyone else s security zone. The lotus sex position entails two people who both sit down facing each other. And one partner lies on the other s bed. However, the bed is a lot different than your average bed. As there are no sheets or pillows here and there are soft fabrics only.

Once you have positioned yourself in this special position you both need to look into each others eyes. It is best to do this while still partially in bed with only a little of the sheet hanging off of you. If you are doing this correctly and remain in good spirits then you will find that your partner is able to see what you are feeling. And this will help them become more comfortable with you and increase intimacy and communication between the two of you. Most importantly, make eye contact with him. And with her and if possible hold eye contact for longer periods of time whilst in this lotus sex position. Once you get the body in this position you must then gently lower yourself down. Until you are lying completely on your back with your legs hanging off of the bed.

When you are in this deep and sensual lotus sex position you then need to caress your partner’s back. To increase intimacy as well as closeness between you and your partner. Start by caressing your partner s neck and upper back, then the lower back. Then the shoulders, then the buttocks, then the stomach. As you continue down lower yourself down until you are just above the level of the genitals (not too far below as you may be tempted to lie down again and get caught up in the process again). Then, once satisfied that your partner is satisfied, you can then take a shower or bath and then you both need to let out a breath of fresh air together. Repeat these steps as many times as you feel necessary until you reach climax. At the end of this sexual position you then need to slowly stand up.